Sarc flair

Sarc patients (and those with other similar diseases) have “flairs” from what I hear and read. I think I am going through one right now. My skin is a wreck, my legs and feet are cramping and the neuropathy is cranked up. My chest rattles when I breathe. Every joint hurts. My hands don’t want to work right. I had a hard time buttoning my shirt this morning.

The first picture shows the inflamed, scaly spot above my eye. Steroid cream will calm it down in a couple of days. The other picture show the same kind of spot but you can also see the scar on the edge of my eyelid from where I had cellulitis and had to wear the eye patch a few years ago. Argh.

I show these things because so often the effects of this disease are not visible. These are some of the visible things I deal with.

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