Not the Comfy Chair.

Have you ever had an office chair that gradually sinks throughout the day? Annoying right?
My favorite office chair that I have had for several years started doing that not long after I got it, but it only sank a little. I fixed it by adding a piece of PVC tube to the piston to limit the travel distance of the piston. The PVC finally started cracking, and the chair would get lower and lower. It also was making a horrible noise.
It was also causing my legs to go even more numb than usual, and due to my neuropathy was causing my big toes to bleed because of how I was unconsciously sitting. Weird, but legit problem. I don’t want to risk infection because of a dumb office chair.
I didn’t want a new chair. This one is nice and still in good shape, so I ordered a big and tall piston. It is rated for 1000 lbs, and instead of a 5” travel, it has 8” travel and no more squeaks. I just installed it, and now I want to know if this is how you normal-sized humans always live your life? I had to raise my desk.
The old piston was no picnic to remove but well worth the effort and money saved. Hopefully, this new one will last a while.

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