Black, white and red all over.

Old white guy here. It’s not about a black girl playing a mermaid. Who really cares? It’s about not writing better, original material for diverse actors and audiences. I have been seeing a lot more inclusive casting and more original writing lately. That’s great. I really loathe all of the unnecessary remakes that endlessly parade out of the studios.

The other thing about this story is about why they cast a black girl for a role previously portrayed as white. You think it was for diversity. Or maybe you think it was because that actress beat out the competition. My guess is that both of those things were factors but most of all I think free publicity was the driving factor. The story is everywhere and everyone is talking about it when it truly is a dull, boring otherwise non-story. These are shrewd business people playing the game well. It really has nothing to do with equality. It has everything to do with money.

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