Gulf Brass Works

Tonight I was helping Mom try to find a replacement for her kitchen faucet. It should have been replaced long ago but she has “gotten used to it” and has been nursing it along by taping over the leaks. She is going to have to get used to not having a faucet soon if she can’t let this one go.

It has gotten really bad and it is a discontinued model. There are no markings anywhere that I can find to even indicate the brand much less a model number. Years ago Mom ordered a replacement silicone cover for the sprayer button and had since lost any paperwork.

I was looking through the website of what she thinks is the manufacturer and found a similar looking model and a schematic with measurements. I was hoping that the hand pieces might be interchangeable based on the measurement given for the diameter of the neck. I was looking for a ruler and Mom said, “ I have one right here.” She then handed me this letter opener.

I knew it had belonged to my Great Aunt Esther. I used the engraved ruler markings to quickly determine that the faucet components were not compatible and went back to looking at the letter opener. It is a simple and effective design and it has clearly lasted a long time.

I started looking to see what I could find out about the Tampa Brass Works and what I found was that the business incorporated in 1929 and dissolved in 1943. That is about all I could find other than a pair of brass turtle paperweights that are no longer available at auction on eBay. If only they had made faucets.

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