“Where does the name GravityQuest come from?”, you may ask. Well, a bunch of years ago I started participating in an online journal community called LiveJournal. Of course I was required to come up with a screen name. After much difficulty I decided on Gravity. It was a fairly random selection made late at night. The journal really spawned a lot of things for me. It was a way of rediscovering myself after some really hard times. That is how the Quest part of GravityQuest came into play.

I have a total of about 25 years of experience in jewelry and I have done everything from goldsmithing to gemology but now my focus is on sales. In the middle of that career I took a three year break when I worked in the Tech field doing support work for a large web hosting company. I have held countless other jobs in retail and various other service industries.

Right around the time of the 9-11 tragedy I decided to make the life altering purchase of a digital camera. I had been away from photography since my freshman year in college when I had originally majored in photography. After that first year I changed majors to Commercial Art, a field I quickly decided I had little to no use for. Maybe it had no use for me, but I digress. Photography was my long lost passion. I rediscovered it at a time when I was desperate for a creative outlet that I was lacking in the tech support job. It is a hobby that I hope to turn into something more. More importantly it is my means of expression. I love taking pictures. I love sharing them even more.

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