Wood eye.

Recently while on vacation in the High Sierra with my hot girlfriend we came upon this ancient artifact. The workmanship, though rudimentary, is superb. Clearly this totem wielded much power and the craftsman* responsible for spent hours laboring over it’s every detail. I can only wonder what sort of ritual it was used in.


*The craftsman was some sort of bug. This really is just a piece of wood I found on my sister’s wood pile while we stayed with her on vacation. The Sierras are absolutely amazing and you should definitely go see them if you ever have the opportunity.  This picture was taken and manipulated all entirely with my iPhone.

Mr. Robata

I hadn’t been to New York in a long time. I had never been there on a trip like this. I was there on a business trip for a very unique training opportunity. It afforded me a chance to live the Madison Avenue life for a couple of days.

I made this image on my first lunch break entirely on my iPhone. Considering the crowded sidewalks and misty rain I’m reasonably happy with how this turned out.


I really hope I can make another trip and have more time to spend just taking photographs. There is just so much to take in.

It’s been awhile…

I don’t know if anyone is even following this blog anymore. The site has been down for a pretty good long while following an error on my part which jacked things up. I let it slide for a while because I have been busy living life and honestly just did not know how to fix the problem. Well, I figured it out and *poof* we’re back. Live and learn.

I hope to be putting more content here regularly, also check out www.morethansmoke.com if you have not been over there. That site will be about booze, food, cigars and anything else that gets consumed, craved or enjoyed. I intend to do some more regular posting there as well. I am also starting things up on Google+ if you haven’t had enough of me already.